There are so many great baby products out there that it can be very overwhelming when trying to create a registry. I have taken time and pulled together some of my favorite things, as well as some things I wish I had known about when creating my registry. Even though it was only a year ago that I made my registry there are already things that I would change! I wanted to do a post about some of the products I love, and some that I wish I had known about earlier too! This list is geared towards a gender neutral color pallet, monochromatic colors, and the items are chosen by design, beauty and function. 

If you have anything to add to this, please get in touch with me and I would love to add more to this or do a second post! For some items, I provide a low budget and high budget option.  My husband and I we went with the lower costing items due to renovating a home at the same time as expecting our first baby, but if you have the means, the higher priced options are amazing and I have heard great things, plus they are beautiful and made with extra doses of quality.

Hope you enjoy this and find this post helpful! If you do enjoy it or find it helpful, please share it with others who might benifit from the information! 



My 3 Favorite Carriers 

Wild Bird


My advicee to you: Invest in a good carrier. I used my carriers a TON - cleaning, grocery shopping, walks, hiking, photo shoots, around the house, camping, the list goes on.  I have the Ergo carrier and I love that one because it is so supportive as they get heavier, Jaeden weighs almost 30 lbs now and I can still carry him no problem without a back ache. I wish I had known about the other 2 carriers when Jaeden was a newborn, he is a little too big now for them, but I love them and have heard amazing things. Plus they are SO cute. I will definitely invest in one of the others with baby #2 (Lord willing).






Design Friendly Travel Systems 

Low budget Travel System

Graco Black & Silver Carseat 

This is new from when I registered, but I love the black and silver subtle design and it is very similar to the one we have- and you'll read below that Jaeden loved his carseat and we traveled a lot with him as a newborn so comfort was huge for us. 

Graco Black & Tan Carseat 

We have the one above and Jaeden was so comfortable and at ease in this, we traveled a ton with him and he fell asleep within minutes of being on the road. There were times we would put him in there and then within seconds he was calmed down.

Matching Graco Jogger Stoller 

I'll be 100% honest, I didn't absolutely love this stroller, we had a ton of problems with the front wheel locking up while pushing it so then we had to stop and fix it. I called Graco and they sent us a new front wheel overnight, so I will say they are very kind and good to work with. I love aspects about it, but the front wheel was pretty stubborn, even with the second, newer front wheel, but for a lower budget stroller it worked great. It pushes a little harder than some, but the carseat clicked super easy in and out from the car to stroller, and the stroller is really easy to fold up and down for travel. It is also really nice for off roading (trails or mud, it goes through well. I have only ran a few times with

jaeden in this, but when I did it worked great!)

Higher Budget Travel System

Mountian Buggy Stroller 

 This is my dream stroller. I love the sleek design and have heard AMAZING things about these strollers! 


Mountian Buggy Carseat 

I love the sleek design, and black and silver is so nice.


" OUR LIGhtweight stroller"

This lightweight (under 10 lbs.) stroller is SO easy to push, travel with, and carry. It is our go to for walks, traveling, and you can't beat the price. Plus, Jaeden loves it. We just started using this as Jaeden was old enough to support his head very well, as it is meant for more of an older baby to toddler age. It even comes with a detachable diaper bag, an under the storage spot, and a cupholder. 







Design Friendly & Budget Friendly High Chairs

IKEA Black and White

We have this one and I love it!




your baby's FIRST BED

Travel Friendly & Design Friendly Bassinets



Rock n Play

We traveled a ton with Jaeden as a newborn and I couldn't have done it without our Rock n play, they are inexpensive but click up and down in about 5 seconds, plus Jaeden loved it and slept great in it the first 3 months or so next to our bed side. They take up such little space, and vibrate or rock your baby, so naturally they are a very comforting first bed. Plus our doctor said with them sleeping on their backs, this is a safe first option. 



Moses Basket

Another item I wish I had bought - thy are SO cute and you can bring them from room to room with ease!





Cribs Low Budget & Great design

IKEA White Crib

IKEA Wood Crib

We have the IKEA Wooden crib and love it, so simple and minimalistic, and the price is right. Jaeden sleeps so well on the mattress too. Plus it turns into a toddler bed when he is ready. 

Mid-Century Modern

Cute midcentury modern design, without the $500+ price tag



Swaddling Blankets

Aden & Anias Black and White patterned Pack

Aden & Anias All white Pack

I have the all white pack and one pattern pack for Jaeden, hey are the softest things I have ever felt and get even softer with each wash. I love the white 3 or 4 pack because they go with everything and I liked to have them on hand. 




Burt's Bees organic sheets

We love how soft the Burt's Bees organic sheets are, and I love the stripes! I used their changing pad covers too. 



nursery ROCKER 

IKEA Rocker

We love our IKEA rocker, simple and budget friendly - with a great design and look. 




Toys, Teethers, & More

Otherware Wooden Teether



Jolly Jumper 

YOU WILL LOVE having something like this. Showers, cooking, cleaning + they get exercise, and it doesn't take up a bunch of space. Our excersaucer was HUGE so we turned to a door jumper and loved it!

We didn't use our swing much after he was 3+ months so I am just trying to give the basics that we couldn't live without!



Apparel & Accessories

the cutest jumper

But first, milk Onesie

Mama bird & Baby Bird 




Favorite Baby Apparel stores

Baby Gap

Old Navy Baby 



Once upon a Child (second hand)





Nursing pillow 


Medela Breast Pump 

see if your insurance cover it. It is wonderful.

Medela storage containters

Advent Breast Milk Storage bags

or Medela Breast Milk Bags

Nursing Cover

Black doesn't show up breastmilk stains like other colors.

Advent Bottles

(I nursed jaeden but we loved these for times I would pump and he would get a bottle) 



Bath time 

cutie towels

sink insert


We just use natural baby soap either johnson's natural or Dr. Bronners

Natural baby Lotion



We love Pampers Swaddlers and Aldi Brand Little Journey



We found the best deal is to buy them in bulk. We like the Kirkland brand at Cosco.



Babylist Registry

Babylist allows you to combine items from all different stores into one registry, I loved this so much!!