Since we are still working on some finishing details and decorating, I wanted to do a living room progress post! Showing some before, progress and current!

To the left you'll see a progress photo taken after we took the wall and chimney out, and to the right the finished open space!

To the left you'll see a progress photo taken after we took the wall and chimney out, and to the right the finished open space!

So what you are looking at above is the before of our living room, it was actually 2 small rooms divided by a wall and a huge chimney! Where to even begin with this renovation.

Taylor (my husband) and I knew that opening up this space would make the home feel so much bigger and actually give us the living space that we wanted, so we decided to take out the wall. We started by simple demo involving destructive tools and hard work! Then we went on to tearing out the chimney that was in the center of that wall.  Taylor had some buddies visit for the weekend and they tore out the chimney, floor by floor from the roof, to the attic, to the upstairs, to the main floor and then to the basement. Thankfully the bathroom, that the chimney ran through was in a demo state,  so the mess wasn't an issue. It was a very messy and hard process of getting each cinderblock down to a trailer parked outside of our home, but the men cranked it out in a matter of hours. Once the chiminey was out, we had to temporality patch the floor while we worked on the rest of our house and the living room went on pause while we finished the kitchen and bathroom. Once we finished those rooms, we came back to the living room. First John built the structure of our new faux fireplace. After that we installed the new ceiling. We chose to use pine tongue and groove for the cozy feel that it adds. I love adding accents of wood also to warm up all the white I use on the walls! We stained this the same as our mantle on the fireplace so that those two elements would blend together.  

Unfortunately, another bump in the road came our way, and we ended up having to rip out the whole sub-floor in our living room. The joices underneath the subfloor were not working properly, some of them were sagging and some were barely attached to the foundation (eek, very dangerous!). So, my father in law, husband and brother in laws ripped out the whole sub-floor and then had to re-secure the joices before installing the new sub-floor. Another messy project, but we are so glad we fixed it and now have safe and level floors. As the boys did a lot of the demo and structural work, I did the dry wall mudding, painting, prepping work. I mudded the seams where the two walls were divided, and then patched all the areas that were damaged or had marks. Then I painted the walls with BEHR Marquee paint, which is currently my favorite because it only takes 2 coats total with white over brown and it is a primer and paint in one. I went with a much warmer white then any other room in my house and to be completely honest, I am thinking about someday painting it a whiter shade of white. That is my one regret, but I actually still really love how this room turned out!

So, once walls were all patched and painted, the structure for the fireplace was built, the faux brick was installed, we were able to start laying new floor. This part was actually the fastest part of the process. Once we got the flooring installed, we did floor trim and we made our own to save money! We bought 1x6x10 pine boards and I sanded them, pre-painted them (2 coats) and then we installed them! We ended up saving a lot of money and they look awesome! 



DIY WOODEN MANTLE (coming soon)

DIY TRIM (coming soon)

DIY WINDOW SEAT (coming soon)

MUD & TAPE DRYWALL (coming soon)