So, in renovating our 1950's home, I noticed when we bought it that there were lots of good windows for light, yet it still felt really dark and small in most of the rooms. I like light and cozy spaces, so I started looked around in magazines, and on Pinterest, and noticed one thing; I was drawn to white or charcoal walls, with pops of greenery, wood, and other neutrals. 

With that being said, here are some of my favorite rooms that are cozy, modern and light. 



Do you notice a pattern, the white walls combo BEAUTIFULLY with natural accents like greenery, concrete, black and gold.  If that isn't enough color for you, you could even throw in pops of color in rugs & pillows! I love how timeless this looks, and if you get sick of a certain look, it is easy to change up the room and vibes without having to re-paint and totally re-haul the space. 

Hopefully these beautiful spaces inspire you with a room you may be working on or will be updating in the future. Painting isn't expensive, just time consuming and can really update the feel of the space!  

For links to these each of these spaces, visit my Pinterest and click on each photo!