Hey ya'll! A lot of people have been asking for before and after photos of our house. So I am going to do a room by room reveal with some before and after photos and some information about it :) This project has taken a long time, and a lot of work, but I am beyond giddy to share our first "flip" room by room. I have always had an inner longing to take something old and in desperate need of some TLC and make it beautiful in my own way. Many of my design choices were ruled by cost, because we had a tiny budget, but hopefully you'll see you can still get beautiful results with some creativity and hard work. I want to first and foremost thank Taylor (for his hard work and patience, many nights he would come home from work and then work on the house), my father-in-law (he was our project manager/tile worker/carpenter- and has taught us so much, he is a machine!!), and our families for taking time to help us!  It was definitely a team effort and we couldn't have done this without the help of many!!

First I will share one after photo and a bunch of before photos and sorry for the bad quality, it was low light and quick! 

As you can see, it was dark, there were a bunch of random materials and colors, and overall the space was designed very poorly! Next I will share a little of my vision for this space! I have a little obsession with white, so I knew I wanted it to be white, wood, black and grey. I also wanted to use greens and natural metals to be my accent colors, so I chose gold and slate, with some natural greens to give it little pops. Since we literally gutted this space, and we didn't want to hire a drywaller/mud and tap professional, we decided to ship lap the walls with the extra wood we had from doing our DIY floors in the bedroom. Then we painted them off-white! I also looked around at vanities and found that for the size and look I wanted they were $1000+ and we weren't cool with that. So I laid out a plan for size, and we picked out some knotty pine, and decided to build one that would fit perfectly for the space. We picked out a stain we liked (Early American by Minwax) and stained it, then put a few coats of polyurethane to protect it from water damage.  We also scraped the nasty "ultra popcorn" ceiling and covered it with bead board for a cleaner look! We Subway tiled the whole back wall for an accent wall and I used darker grey grout so that it would pop a little. We also moved the layout around so the toilet was in the opposite corner, not right when you walk in, and then we tore out the jacuzzi to open up more space and added a shower/bath.

If you can tell, my inspiration drew from a mix of anthro and an overall clean modern/vintage look. I am also a Chip and Joanna Gaines lover, not soley her designs, but their personalities and using what you have to make spaces your own. She inspire me! 

Vanity- Handmade (knotty pine & stain from Lowes) 

Light - Thrifted from Habitat for Humanity, spray painted matte black, clear antique lightbulbs

Vase - gifted from a dear friend, Target

Handsoap - TJ Maxx

Rug - Homegoods 

Wall Print - Rifle Paper Co. 

Sink - Amazon

Faucet - Amazon

Mirror - Target 

Hand towel - Target 

Towels - TJ Maxx

Subway Tile - Lowes 

Grout - Lowes, Porcelain Grey 

Ladder - Thrifted, taken apart, then spray painted matte black

Turkish Hand Towels - Homegoods

Shower Curtain - Target 

Floor Tile - Lowes

Baskets - TJ Maxx 


If you have any other questions, contact me and I would love to share more information with you! 

DIYJenna Borst