Our bedroom was the EASIEST and cheapest of the renovations, but still I LOVE the changes we made. I'll give an overview at the bottom of the post with where things are from and what we did!

Here is an overview of this room!

We painted the walls white (if you know me at all I basically got 3 colors of paint for this home- white, charcoal and black - I love the white walls, but I am also recently into really dark walls too)


Here are a few steps for you to inexpensively modernize & FLIP your space: 

- Choose a neutral light color like an off white and get painting!! Or a dark charcoal color if you have good window light for an edgy look! 

- simplify your bedding, I just bought a white duvet cover at Ikea for the simple & clean look. 

- thrift some vases, and add your favorite greens to your bedside. Mine are olive branches & dried eucalyptus. 

- either thrift or buy on sale mid century modern or vintage farmhouse side tables. 

- find natural elements to tie in, I found some plants and birch tree logs. 

- invest in 1-2 new pillows with global patterns.


in this room: 

Wall Color: Snowy Pine Behr Marquee (an off white $42 at Home Depot)

We tore out the carpet and we installed "DIY" wood floors. ($150) We white washed the floors, which I LOVE and it adds so much character to this room.

We used pallets for our bed frame (FREE)

The dresser given to us, we painted it charcoal and then we got some knobs on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

2 bedside tables from Target (got these for $75 on sale!)

Thrifted the vases, got natural greens on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Lamp & Pillows from TJ Maxx

Throw blanket - Thrifted

 Comforter - IKEA

bench - garage sale

DISCLAIMER: Our before photos are not very good, but you get the idea. This was our bedroom before we moved in, we snapped a pic while we were touring the home.