My husband and I bought our first home with the intentions of remodeling it to make it our own. One of the biggest and most fun transformations was the kitchen!

I have provided link at the bottom with where things are from and how we pulled this off for under $3000. Thankfully my father in law is a master carpenter and very handy, he and my husband were the project managers, and I was the designer.

I wanted to go from dark, and small looking, to light & bright. My whole house was done with the theme of wood, white, black and natural accents like greens, copper, greys and earthy tones! 

The big things we did in this kitchen- took out built ins above sink to open up that corner, thrifted cabinets for back wall, added backsplash, new counters, new paint color, new ceiling, new light fixtures, open shelving instead of upper cabinets, butcher block counters, added range hood for style and function, new sink, new faucet, added dishwasher, took out part of a wall, and painted existing cabinets. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions!


Kitchen Overview

Sink - IKEA

Faucet - Amazon

Range - Amazon

Shelves - IKEA

Hardware - Amazon & Ikea

Cabinets - Painted pre-existing falling snow Behr Marquee 

Lights - Spray painted Matte black - IKEA

Counters - Butcher block Karbly 

Highchair - IKEA 

Subway Tile - Lowes

Grout - Lowes

Island - DIY marble 




1. Demo your existing kitchen carefully saving your cabinets if you are going to paint them and any other elements you are saving.

2. Take out counters, sink, faucet, upper cabinets, and anything you want GONE.

3. Prepare to live in a mess, or move in with friends or family for the week.

3. Take out carefully & paint your cabinets (TUTORIAL FOR THIS HERE)! I painted mine in the garage. You do not HAVE to take them out but it helps if you are trying to preserve your floors.

softly sand your cabinets, so the paint will stick better, clean them with TSP, and then I used a paint and primer in one and mini door roller. I love the Marquee Paint from Home Depot (Marquee).

4. Fix any marks in the walls with either new drywall, or just spot fix it with drywall mud.

5. Kilz the spots that you mudded. Then paint/primer your walls (use a roller and eggshell Marquee paint, covers in ONE COAT or 2 coats with white.) If you are just doing your kitchen you only need 1-2 gallons, not the 5 gallon bucket.

6. Install your Counter tops (Tutorial) (our father in law did ours, he is VERY handy) 

7. Find someone who knows who to do plumbing & install your sink & faucet (our father in law did ours or watch this video). 

8. Install backsplash. (Tutorial) Wait a few days to grout, then grout.

9. Caulk seams of counter where it meets subway tile with waterproof caulk.

6. Find upper shelves, or make them with a piece of wood, and brackets. I got my brackets at IKEA and install them. 

That is all my friends! 

Good luck! 


DIYJenna Borst