Although I did not have a perfect pregnancy or labor, I learned a ton about doing a natural birth and having a healthy pregnancy through lots of reading, pinterest searching, and praying. I wrote this because I want to help other moms have healthier pregnancies, and natural labors. I am a huge advocate for natural labor. I will share a little bit about my natural birth and then some tips that I found extremely helpful. I was so scared of a natural birth because all I heard was how painful it was- but let me tell you, even though it is painful YOU CAN DO IT and IT IS WORTH IT. I found my natural labor actually quite beautiful and incredible if I am being honest. I didn't have to get induced, or use any pitocin for speeding up my labor. I delivered Jaeden in 2.5 hours from the time my water broke without any meds. I didn't have a epidural, and I had an extremely active labor. Jaeden was a whopping 10 lbs and 23 inches so we are fortunate there were no complications with how big he was, other than him breaking his clavicle through the birth canal. My doctor said that if I had an epidural, I most likely wouldn't have been able to deliver him vaginally, because I wouldn't have been able to fully engage with all my contractions to push him out. Birth is the most incredible experience ever, and meeting your new baby for the first time is something I will never forget and I get chills just writing about it.

1. Exercise throughout your pregnancy (if your doctor give you the "ok")

 I TRULY believe in the power of working out & exercise, ESPECIALLY when pregnant. Our bodies are going through so many changes hormonally and physically. Exercise has proven time and time again to help with a faster deliver, faster recovery for mommy, and overall less postpartum depression & anxiety. My husband graduated with a degree in exercise science and the common thing I hear is how exercise and nutrition is a natural healer for our bodies. It helps with so many diseases, depression and problems within our bodies. Even if you hate working out, try to at least walk 20 minutes a day, or do something active. I think this was a HUGE part in having a fast labor, my body was prepared for what it was about to go through! 

A few of my favorite pre natal videos to do at home are listed below! 

CARDIO: here    

ARMS: here  

LEGS: here

Also, one of my best friends is an amazing fitness coach, and if you need some encouragement and accountability in your exercise journey, I also provided her facebook page here


Link is for the one I did is here

I did this the last 2 weeks, and it helps all my ligaments prepare for labor, but also the baby to drop in position. God created our bodies to do this amazing thing without medicine in the beginning, and I believe that helping our bodies prepare for labor is HUGE! I think this video was  really helpful for myself and other moms in preparing our bodies and minds for labor.  The pre-labor poses and yoga I did at home I started doing at 39 weeks, but next time around I am starting at 37 weeks because I still went a week late and my doctor wants me to go early or on time (because of Jaeden's size and the likeliness that my next babies will be even bigger or the same size.



Talk to your partner, and doctor, and set up accountability system. You, like me, at some point WILL want an epidural, but you will need encouragement from your nurses and spouse that you CAN do it! I had a photo of moves and positions on my phone, that were ways to help me manage my pain and "ride" through painful contractions. Taylor and my nurses were huge in helping me stay under control and were there literally for me to lean on, grab onto and use for the "positions". Here is a link for the positions I used. 


I was in the shower until like 20 minutes before Jaeden was born, the heat helped the pain and relaxed me through the most painful contractions.


Helpful for the positions listed above, ask your hospital or birth center if they have one, or if you are doing a home birth, borrow or buy one! 

Other tips include, having sex the week of your due date, walking, hiking, relaxing and being outside, body weight squatting, playing golf and riding in a golf cart (this is actually what put me into labor, my water broke about a half hour after I played nine holes of golf!)

Well, for now that is all I have for you! Best of luck and reach out to me if you have any questions! These tips should hopefully help you go into labor naturally and manage your pain through a natural labor. Be patient even if you are a week late, that baby is coming soon!